wine courses with nathalie amey @ césar

nathalie01Who Am I?

I was born on a farm in Normandy where from an early age, I felt at one with nature. It was growing up on the farm I gained an increased sensitivity to the natural essences of plants, developing my palate and being nourished by the earthly riches of Normandy.

My profession amd passion now is sharing my knowledge of wine and educating people in the subtleties of wine, winemaking, understanding the terroir and an appreciation of fine food and wine to match.

I have lived in Portugal for 4 years and wine and travel has always been a part of my life. Now I can share with you my passion for both as we visit France, Portugal, Croatia, and Australia to taste and see the best of what their wine regions have to offer. Fluent in French, English and Portuguese, my joy is sharing the love of wine and appreciation of the terroir with people of all nationalities.

What Else?

Apart from guiding eno-tours and conducting wine courses, I

  • have been a teacher of oenology and Professeur at a hospitality college in France
  • have been involved in the organisation of the banquet dinner for the 42nd César Awards, presented by the Académie des Arts et Techniques du Cinéma
  • have organised tastings for the Embassy of the United States, NATO and the Royal Navy on discovering Portuguese wines
  • have also organized tastings to discover the wines of Canada and Australia in partnership with the embassies of those countries for the "Clube de Jornalistas" Lisbon
  • guided a Japanese sommelier group from Kobe through the vineyards of California
  • organise wine events for connoisseurs on request
  • run courses for wine professionals to develop new skills for vocational certification

Prince Nikola and Nathalie with staff at 100 year anniversary dinner in MontenegroA special project I recently organised was an event to recreate a dinner from the 19th century for Prince Nikola Petrović-Njegoš of Montenegro. Matching food and wine for this very special occasion was a highlight for me. (See picture at right).

This is just a small sample of my involvement in promoting and education people in the joy and appreciation of wine.

My Philosophy

Go and meet the friendly wine growers on their soil. Winemakers who passionately produce terroir wines that reflect their personalities, their ethics and who perpetuate an ancestral knowledge of wine making and the terroir. Knowledge that will be preserved for future generations and the good of humanity.