Croatian island wine tour by yacht with Nathalie Amey

Wines of the Croatian Islands by Sail - Day One

Arriving into Split, you will be picked up  from the airport and driven in comfort to the marina where your luxury catamaran and home for the next seven days awaits you. After boarding and settling in to your new environment, you are welcome to rest until you are ready to enjoy welcome drinks with Nathalie and a beautiful evening meal prepared by our onboard Chef. 

We will depart for 3-4 hours sailing to the island of Brač, world famous for its beautiful sandy beaches and the southern town of Bol. Here we will enjoy an evening meal and welcome at Stina vino, the oldest winery in Dalmatia. We will overnight anchored off Bol, ready for an early morning departure.

Overnight: Bol on Brač Island
Meals Included: à la carte dinner and wine at the Stina vineyard restaurant.
Transfers: Split airport to marina

croatian island sailing wine tour with nathalie amey

Wines of the Croatian Islands by Sail - Day Two

After waking up to a gourmet breakfast onboard, we will set sail around 8am for the beautiful Devil's Island and a chance to swim, enjoy and relax. In the afternoon we will make our way to the island of Hvar where a visit to Old Hvar is a must do. Our visit to Hvar will be marked by a very special winery and private tasting in the late evening. This will be followed dinner at the winery where Nathalie will explain the impact of terroir and the wines we have just tasted.

After a full day, we will return to our yacht to relax and take in the surounds and atmosphere of Hvar Town from our ringside seat at the marina. You can help but be taken away by the the sight of a waterfront promenade strip, bordered with rows of palm trees, the 700 hundred year old walls, topped by the fortresses protecting Hvar. Quite a sight at night from our dockside retreat.

Overnight: Hvar Town on the Hvar Island
Meals Included: Gourmet breakfast onboard, picnic lunch on Devil's Island, à la carte dinner and wine in winery restaurant.

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Wines of the Croatian Islands by Sail - Day Three

This morning, you might like to step of the yacht and have breakfast in one of the many nearby tavernas. It's too good an opportunity to miss before we cast off for the island of Korčula, about 2 hours sail away. Korčula is one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic Sea, with abundant vineyards and olive groves. Here you will find villages isolated from time, places where you can breathe in the peace, green fields and small houses surrounded by nature.

After arriving on the island, we leave the yacht and pick up our transport for a drive to lunch at a winegrower that is somewhat off the beaten track. A special visit organised by Barbara and one that you will find very memorable. The rest of the day will be spent visiting the town of Korcula, nicknamed the little Dubrovnik, with dinner in a Konoba (traditional Croatian inn). It's here hosted by our guides that you will get a true sense of Croatian island life and hospitality. A truly memorable day.

Overnight: island of Korčula
Meals Included: Gourmet breakfast, lunch with wine pairings at Korcula winery, dinner and wine in traditional local restaurant.

croatian island sailing wine tour with nathalie amey

Wines of the Croatian Islands by Sail - Day Four

This morning you will enjoy a breakfast onboard as we set off around 8am. Our destination? A little piece of paradise on the island of Korcula where you will enjoy a special wine tasting with local produce as we anchor off one of the most beautiful bays of Dalmatia. This is an opportunity where you get to experience the true meaning of terroir with a private tour through the vineyards. The tasting afterwards is where you will experience through the wines the different terroir we just visited. Nathalie will guide us through the tasting and highlight the differences you can see, smell and taste in the wines.

Back onboard for apertifs in preparation for a seafood feast of freshly caught lobster and fish. Fine food, sublime wine and gentle conversation as we lay at anchor in a beautiful protected cove.

Overnight: Island of Vis
Meals Included: Gourmet breakfast, lunch with wine pairings at island winery, gourmet dinner and wine onboard.

croatian island sailing wine tour with nathalie amey

Wines of the Croatian Islands by Sail - Day Five

Today will be another sailing day as we head west towards the beautiful island of Vis. Not before an early morning swim off the boat and a wonderful breakfast perhaps. It's a relatively short sail to our next destination - the tiny islet of Bisevo just southwest of Vis Island. It would hardly be noticed at all except for its remarkable Blue Grotto (Modra Spilja). Of about ten caves scattered around Bisevo's coast, the Blue Cave is the most outstanding. Between 11am and noon on a sunny calm day, rays of the sun passing through an underwater opening illuminate the cave with a luminous blue light while objects beneath the surface shimmer in silver and pink. The effect is eerie and unearthly and something you must see.

After visiting the Blue Grotto, we set sail in the direction a small island secret near Vis, that is rarely visited except by locals and those in the know. We will spend the day on the island, exploring and just taking in the gentle ambience of this beautiful location. Lunch and dinner will be at local eateries where you will dine on the specialties of this truly unique island. Of course you will be tasting and enjoying the unique and superb wines selected for your enjoyment by Nathalie and Barbara.

Overnight: Island of Vis
Meals Included: Gourmet breakfast, lunch with wine pairings at island winery, dinner and wine in traditional local restaurant.

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Wines of the Croatian Islands by Sail - Day Six

This morning will be one to relax and enjoy a lazy start to the day before we set sail from Vis and head north towards the island of Solta. We are now slowly making our way back towards Split and will enjoy a 'free day' of cruising, gentle anchorages, exploring uncrowded beaches and sokaing up the local ambience when we lunch at local Konoba on Solta. Nathalie will showcase a selection of her favorite Dalmatian wines as we enjoy this final degustation lunch. The seaside location will simply leave you stunned and will leave a lasting memory of your time amongst these enchanting islands.

Depending on the wind conditions, we will anchor on either the north or south side of the island in preparation for our sail back to Split tomorrow.

We want to make your last night aboard particularly memorable and dinner will be final special treat aboard the catamaran. A sublime and wonderful way to wind up your days onboard.

Overnight: Island of Solta
Meals Included: Gourmet breakfast, degustation lunch with wines especially selected by Nathalie, gourmet dinner onboard

croatian island sailing wine tour with nathalie amey

Wines of the Croatian Islands by Sail - Day Seven

You will be anchored off a gorgeous beach, the yacht floating in aquamarine waters. What better way to start the final day with a swim and beach walk? It will then be time for a last breakfast on the after deck before up anchor and meander our way back Split. It will take a few hours to sail there, giving you time to reflect on the wonderful time just passed and the serenity of sailing these ancient and delightful waters.

Sad as it seems, the sojourn will be over after one last lunch onboard and then it wil be time for your private transfer back to a city hotel or the airport.

Meals Included: Gourmet breakfast, light lunch onboard
Transfers: Marina to Split airport

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