Croatian island wine tour by yacht with Nathalie Amey

This is a wine tour like no other. We combine two sublime pleasures - wine and sailing. Can you picture yourself living onboard a luxury catamaran for seven days, sailing amongst the magical islands of the Dalmatian coast and enjoying what might be one of the world's most unique wine tours?  Nathalie and our local wine expert Barbara Bacic will direct our skipper to their favorite and most unique wine experiences on the islands of Hvar, Brač, Vis and Korčula. Barbara's ancestors have lived in the region for generations and this is her backyard. Now you will get to experience the authentic Croatian island lifestyle when we venture ashore, all the while enjoying the comfort of your floating home as it makes it's way amongst the islands. All you have to do is relax and be transported from one idyllic locale to the next.

You will enjoy a perfect mix of sampling the vibe of ancient, charming towns and villages as well as those times when we find a perfect beach and quiet anchorage to enjoy the beauty and solitutude that is the islands of the Dalmatian coast.  If you want a perfect mix of ultimate relaxation and an authentic money can't buy experiences, then please join us aboard for this truly unique wine tour.

Visit unique wineries on Nathalie Amey's exclusive wine tour of the Croatian islandsCroatian Island Wine Tour Highlights

  • Sail and live aboard a luxury 45' catamaran with your own cabin and en suite
  • All meals onboard are fully catered by our live-aboard chef.
  • Private tours to select vineyards as guided by Nathalie and Barbara. Taste rare and special vintages that have been carefully selected by our hosts.
  • Ample opportunity to explore the islands charming towns and villages
  • A mix of overnights stops in island towns and isolated anchorages
  • Lunches and dinners ashore hosted by Barbara's favourite winemakers and restaurateurs. Enjoy the finest food and wine in enchanting locations.
  • See first hand the unique viticulture of the islands wine growing region and in particular the organic and bio-dynamic viticulture practices of a select group of winemakers

You Will Also..

  • Visit some of the highlights of Hvar, Brač, Vis and Korčula but also the hidden treasures that only a local such as Barbara can reveal
  • Learn some of the secret's of food and wine pairing as we enjoy meals together onboard. Nathalie and the chef will personally create menus that use the best of local produce and wines each day.

Limited to 6 persons only, very limited availability. 

The Croatian Islands - Amongst the Best Cruising in the World

Croatian island wine tour by luxury catamaran with Nathalie AmeyA Croatian sailing holiday allows you to experience a Mediterranean paradise of turquoise seas, quiet, colourful islands and picturesque port towns steeped in history, delicious fresh seafood and friendly, welcoming locals. Unspoilt coves and dramatic waterfalls, ancient forts and lush, green forests all lie in wait along the country’s celebrated Dalmatian Coast. The ocean plays a key role in Croatian lifestyle and culture. Historically a country of strategic importance, Croatia has seen empires come and go and military concerns shape the landscape. Sail the Dalmatian Coast and drop in on ancient forts and castles, former Roman palaces and medieval cities with countless tales to tell.

Croatian coastal cuisine features excellent fresh seafood, including the celebrated Ston oysters, delicious squid, tuna and prawns. Heavily influenced by Italian cuisine, Croatian cooking is a unique combination of Slavic and Mediterranean food cultures that varies from region to region.

The numerous islands and extensive coast beg to be explored by boat. Here are Renaissance villages hidden in idyllic coves and others that sit like beacons to wandering seafarers. The islands and coast have seen many conquerors, each of whom have left their architectural influences behind. The Illyrians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Slavs and Venetians all left their mark. The island towns are replete with red-tiled roofs, narrow streets of white limestone, elegant carved balconies, windows and portals. Weaving this rich tapestry together is the warm Adriatic Sea, beloved among those of the Mediterranean. It sparkles with a rare clarity and, according to NASA astronauts, shows as the bluest sea in the world when viewed from space. The salty waters invite the body and soul for soothing swims.


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