Join Nathalie Amey on her luxurious and unique wine tour of the Douro Valley

The Douro Valley is one of the world's iconic wine regions. Steeped in history with wonderful scenery, it's also a magical place to enjoy superb wines paired with equally fine cuisine. Join Nathalie as she takes you to her favorite quintas, those out of the way places that she has spent years scouring for. A wonderful mix of unique and grassroots wine-making, new and interesting wines, superb luxurious accommodation and first class dining. But most importantly, not too far removed from experiencing real and authentic Portuguese hospitality. A perfect blend of the unique, the luxurious and the real Portugal.

gallery10Some Douro Valley Wine Tour Highlights

  • Enjoy private tours through quintas where we meet and mix with the owners and winemakers themselves. Tastings of their little know and vintage ports and table wines as selected by Nathalie.
  • A luxurious river cruise onboard the classic, vintage boat, the Frredom I. Includes a sumptious lunch onboard with wine pairing by Nathalie to compliment the menu and showcase the riverside quinta we will visit.
  • Dine in either the magnificent Six Senses or Rui Paula's DOC restaurant each evening where Nathalie will co-ordinate with their Chefs de Cuisine to present wine from 8 different wine regions of Portugal with a specially prepared menu. A mix of fine dining and traditional Portuguese dishes.
  • After dinner, you will retire upstairs and enjoy 4 nights in a 17th century, 5 star boutique luxury hotel with superb river views. Your suite has it’s own balcony that looks down on the Douro River below. You will enjoy an intimate and club atmosphere with our wonderful hosts*

We will also

  • Visit various cultural and scenic highlights within the UNESCO World Heritage site which is the Douro Valley
  • See first hand the  unique viticulture of Douro wine growing region
  • Nathalie has lived in the region for 4 years so you get to discover the tastes and experiences that only her intimate knowledge of the area can produce

Limited to 6 persons only

Why Portugal and the Douro Valley?

Touring Portugul to taste the regions wines is above all, romantic. The Quintas of the Douro Valley are landmarks on any fine wine lovers map. With a wine heritage that goes back centuries, join Nathalie on an personal tour of the best wineries and gourmet haunts in the Douro. Anyone can go to on their own, but Nathalie speaks fluent Portuguese and organizes intimate, private tours where owners and winemakers themselves will be your host.  You will experience a full tasting of their various wines, paired with regional Portuguese delicacies. It's an authentic, money can't buy experience she provides. If you want to discover the Douro and be pampered all the while, staying in deluxe historic properties coupled with unique food and wine experiences, join Nathalie on her next private tour. 

gallery2The Douro Valley

The Douro Valley is definitively one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world and a sublime destination for a romantic short break. The region is characterized by the steep terraced vineyards that line the wide and winding Douro River, and the white and yellow hacienda style wineries (called “Quintas”) that punctuate the hillsides. The source of the Douro River is in Spain, 200 km from where it spills out into the Atlantic in Porto and the most beautiful part is certainly the Douro Valley in Northern Portugal. Main wine hubs on the river are Pinhão and Peso da Régua. This is the land of Portugal’s finest wines where you will find mythical names for wine lovers like Quinta do Crasto, Barca Velha, Napoles, Bomfin, Noval, Vesuvio, Quinta de la Rosa, Roriz, and Gaviosa. The spectacular vineyard terraces climb up on either side of the river like giant steps and the landscapes are extraordinary.

We have tailored this luxurious wine tour of the Douro Valley for those of you who’d like to experience the best of the region and travel in style. You’ll stay at the luxurious Six Senses spa hotel located in a historic manor house in a vineyard overlooking the Douro River. Nathalie has spent much time in the Valley exploring and finding the tastes and experiences that you will enjoy and remember forever. Dining is always an important aspect of our tours and you’ll try delicious Portuguese dishes in the regions finest restaurants. Nathalie will carefully select wines to match. A highlight will be the pairing of food and wine at internationally famed chef Rui Paula's DOC restaurant, a modern and cosmopolitan space. It's an essential meeting point for those who live or travel in the Douro region and we will dine there twice.

If you want a luxurious wine tasting break in Northern Portugal, then contact us for more information on this wine lovers tour of the Douro Valley.

gallery2Douro Valley History

The Douro Demarcated Region was established by the Act of 1756, defining the borders and regulations for the wine-producing region, known as the Feitoria. The Douro Valley can thus be considered the first demarcated wine producing region in the world. The borders of the region were extended over the years, but its character never strayed from its true roots.

Considering the importance of the Alto Douro Wine Region, in 2001 UNESC recognized this site as World Heritage, with the following justifications: "The Alto Douro Region has been producing wine for nearly two thousand years and its landscape has been moulded by human activities. The components of the Alto Douro landscape are representative of the full range of activities association with winemaking – terraces, quintas (wine-producing farm complexes), villages, chapels, and roads. The cultural landscape of the Alto Douro is an outstanding example of a traditional European wine-producing region, reflecting the evolution of this human activity over time."

Enotourism is very important to the Douro Valley and it offers a wide range of options for wine lovers. Joining Nathalie on her private tour of the Douro will allow you to discover the very best the region has to offer. 




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