Private wine courses onboard superyachts with Nathalie Amey

The Ultimate Onboard Wine Experience

montage yacht wineImagine having a personalised wine appreciation and education course for your guests as they stay onboard your yacht. Nathalie will liaise with you as owner or your chief steward to create a wine experience that best suits your guests and their level of wine appreciation. This could range from courses to cater for those that enjoy wine but would like to learn more to advancing the knowledge and appreciation of your guests who are sophisticated wine connoisseurs.

Wine Basics and Tasting Experience

This is a half day introduction to wines from a nominated country, either France, Portugal, Australia or Croatia. Nathalie will provide tasting notes and a personalised explanation for your guests as to the nuaunces of each wine. Tastings will involve a selection of red, white and rosé wines from a selected country. Nathalie will explain the story behind each wine, the terroir and the wine making techniques for each wine tasted. This will enable your guests to understand what differences come into play in the creation of these wines. It's a wonderful way for your guests to spend some interesting but stimulating time onboard your yacht.

A variation on this theme is to sample wines of the same variety, say chardonnay or pinot noir, from different countries and Nathalie will guide your guests through the subtle differences that can be found.

Wine Tastings by Region

Would you and your guests like to know more about wines from a particular region? The subtleties of Grand Crus versus Premier Crus Champagne for instance. The fine wines of Burgundy and Bordeaux, the goût de pierre à fusil characteristics of Chablis whites or the cabernet savignons of the Barossa Valley in Australia perhaps? If you have a particular interest in a certain style of wine or region, Nathalie will discuss with you the ideal way to present, taste and appreciate these wines.

Wine Games

For a less structured way to learn more about wines, Nathalie has a variety of wine games that will teach your guests more about the wines they are drinking and the subtleties of scent, sweetness, acidity, tannin, fruit and body. Learn about terroir and how it influences our wines, all in a very casual, relaxed atmosphere.

Introductory Wine Education Course

Do your guests have an extended time onboard? Would you like to provide them with a more formal wine appreciation and education course? For this course, Nathalie takes her land-based introductory course of five 2 hour modules and delivers it onboard, (or any location you prefer). This course could be delivered over the course of a week or condensed into 2 1/2 days. It all depends on what you would prefer for your guests.

Advanced Wine Course

This course tailored for those who already have a good appreciation of wine and want to expand their knowledge and wine skills further. It consists of six 2 hour modules and like the introductory course, Nathalie will tailor and deliver the course according to your needs and those of your guests.

Creating Your Event

Whether its an wine course or themed dinner, all onboard events are unique and tailored to suit your requirements. No two events are ever the same and you can be assured of the highest levels of professionalism, attention to detail and meticulous planning. We never lose sight though that learning and experiencing new wines and cuisine should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We want to leave you and your guests with a warm glow of enjoyment and participation.

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Professional Training

As a yacht owner, you pride yourself on your crew and the standard of service they deliver to you and your guests. If you would like to provide your crew with further training in the areas of wine appreciation and service, food and wine pairing or hospitality service, Nathalie has 25 years of experience to draw on that will make a world of difference in the service levels your crew provide.